Server-Side Rendering (SSR) is a process in which the server generates the initial HTML content that is sent to the client’s browser. At Cumulusaves Techno, we offer Server-Side Rendering as part of our web development services.


Using SSR can improve website performance, SEO, and user experience. When a user requests a page, the server generates the HTML content and sends it to the client, which can then display the page without waiting for the client-side code to execute. This reduces the time to first paint and improves the overall loading speed of the page. Additionally, search engines can more easily crawl and index pages that are rendered on the server, which can improve search engine rankings.


Our team of experienced developers has the expertise to implement SSR using various web development frameworks and technologies. We can help clients choose the most appropriate SSR approach for their specific needs and integrate it seamlessly into their web applications.

If you’re interested in implementing Server-Side Rendering for your web application, contact Cumulusaves Techno to learn more about our web development services.